Google AdSense 2008 partner salon in Hefei Nanning

dear AdSense Publisher: Hello!

thank you for your interest and support.

to promote cooperation with our partners to communicate and exchange, helping publishers to improve the quality of site, increase the income of the website, we cordially invite you to attend the afternoon of July 28, 2008 held in Hefei Google AdSense 2008 partner sharon.

at that time, we will bring you the latest AdSense products and policy information to help you improve the quality of the site, better management of AdSense accounts. AdSense advertising optimization experts will give you the most practical and most essence of optimization techniques, we will also be invited to Hefei well-known publishers, to share with you the experience of using AdSense and successful experience. In addition, we also invited Google’s senior software engineer to introduce you to the Google open community platform. The Google AdSense team will also be in the scene you are most concerned about the problem of answering questions. Of course, we also prepared an interesting game and Google gifts, sincerely look forward to your participation.

7.25 on the Qingdao salon
14:00-17:00 hotels in Qingdao

    / Hefei salon;; time: July 28, 2008 14:00 – 17:00

location: No. 198 Shengli Road, Hefei, Hilton Hotel,, view map,, Fu Yuan hall,

Tel: 0551-2808888       

Nanning salon time: July 30, 2008 14:00 –

Google AdSense has been committed to providing you with a more intimate service. Express your feelings, share your creativity, let us grow together, hand in hand and win-win!

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