June 8th Google search transient failure

in June 8th, the author as usual to open the Google (google.com.hk) search, from the home page search box to enter keywords for search, the following pages.



image: Google search box position changes, cut out most of the Google Logo, Google search button and "treasure box" disappeared, sort of messy sponsored links on the right side of the bottom of the search box position is a bit messy. And in the second search found that the search box is not able to enter keywords, also can not modify the input keywords.


is currently using Microsoft’s IE browser, taking into account the other browser does not have this kind of situation? Immediately opened the Firefox browser and Google browser was tested, the result is basically normal, and check on multiple computers, and no fault when using a IE browser.

normal browsing case found Google search results page and before there are some differences: Google adjusted on the right side of the search results and the screening function, the search box style has been adjusted, so using the IE browser when the problem may be due to the incompatibility of the browser.

latest news: as of June 8th 14, Google has made the problem of repair and adjustment.

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