Foreign media how to look at the double Eleven saliva battle only to attract buyers attention

[Abstract] foreign media said the battle is double eleven slobber rally, shouting more powerful, more attracted the audience.


Tencent Francisco with dual eleven approaching this year, not only electricity supplier to recount put up a pageantry, preparation, some foreign media have on the Chinese shopping carnival was preheated reported.

these reports mainly focus on the following aspects:

1, double eleven shopping culture

is interesting, although the domestic electricity supplier played down the term "singles day", foreign media tend to introduce origin of double eleven, said it was "Chinese anti Valentine’s Day", is celebrated in a single day. In 1990s, some young people started the festival with a spoof. Later, with its increasing popularity, the Alibaba launched an online promotion in 2009 "singles day" to Chinese middle class shopping needs, the world’s largest online shopping festival was born. Other electricity providers, such as Jingdong and so on, also began to launch its own eleven promotional activities.

refers to the shopping carnival, which is often referred to as "black Friday" and "cyber Monday" because they represent the American shopping culture. The double eleven is the embodiment of China shopping culture, part of a "singles day" is the origin of culture.

2, sales status review and expected

no matter what the difference in shopping culture, sales data comparison is inevitable – last year, double the eleven sales of "black Friday" and "network Monday" plus high.

this picture from the British "Daily Telegraph", the blue line represents the "black Friday", the green line represents the "cyber Monday", the red line Singles day is "singles day".


, however, the New York Times also mentioned that some market observers on eleven pairs of alarming data cautious. For example, the pre-sale of goods, so that a lot of transactions are concentrated in the eleven double the same day, to inject water into the performance indicators.

also noted that some foreign media Chinese the situation this year, unlike in previous years, Chinese economic growth rate fell to the lowest level since 2009, the stock market is in the middle of the year suffered setbacks, may cause the person to reduce expenses. But this does not seem to affect this year’s eleven double sales record refresh expectations. A survey shows that many respondents said that this year’s eleven plan to buy more than last year.

3, foreign businesses to participate in a double

For example,

is headquartered in Singapore Lazada will launch the largest promotional activities this year "Online Revolution 2015". The event will kick off from November 11th, six of its business operations

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