Gao Huang Qing electricity supplier to lead the last crazy

went to the end of the year, Christmas and new year’s day, but when the businessman. In previous years, this is a real store scramble, today, very characteristic of the times the electricity supplier, have joined, or are you meet as equals or not in the feudal lords vying for the throne? In this bureau, the smoke still filled.

yes, Christmas starts quietly, looks really warm up?! the traditional department store, the traditional three strokes:

1, all kinds of Christmas trees and lighting, circle potential. Colorful color, like a dream, to attract attention, attract consumers.

2, colorful theme activities, circle people. The party, sweepstakes, performances, Santa Claus and Christmas gifts, to stimulate demand through interactive form, stimulate the enthusiasm shopping spree at the end of the year.

3, jumping bloodletting discount, quanqian. Integral, discount promotions, full fanquan, the true mingled with the false meet consumer psychology, taohuo.

Investment more and more

store, is due to changes in the market, in essence, is the electricity supplier take cities and seize territory especially in November, a strong attack, Book channel, directly triggered the, Amazon mall, Jingdong counterattack, starting from the book, a substantial price reduction struggle throughout the Department, as one falls, another rises. Because of the Spring Festival next year too early, no one is willing to in the last month failed, what a crazy


look at the electricity supplier posture, not a sigh, innovation is the motive power of development, competition is the development of catalyst. The so-called crazy, how crazy? Taobao mall’s slogan is "no gifts, no Christmas", claimed that the "Christmas season, the new big 8 fold, the Jingdong said" Christmas Carnival, upgrade the quality of 100, selection of winter special "," said Dan Dan Dangdang polite, panic buying countdown 4 fold "well, where customers, dream bazaar,, Sina furniture and so did his killer, only to win first prize in the" final crazy "can. And this is just a corner of the battlefield, head-on, surrounded by flowers.

for consumers, the obvious advantages of electricity providers. Convenient, fast, just move the mouse; basically arrive a few days; comparison, evaluation of the product can see buyers, and can see different commodity sales and popularity; psychological expectations, wait for the receipt, open the packaging look, the achievements of the people living in the high price advantage, fun; no store rent, marketing costs, and have low supply channels. For consumers, the electricity supplier is a good melee, some look, some people eat, some play, get a lot of benefits in parting. Therefore, consumers began to wait and see, compare, ready to attack.

in turn, the end of the war electricity supplier, but also to test their strength stage. Money is strong, the strategy is feasible, and the adequacy of manpower supply and marketing concept have great originality, whether are the service commitments 100% cash, competitors know enough, the competition at a disadvantage if there is one, "

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