Taobao often do part time sellers Express

some time ago by the snowstorm in the northern region, and the impact of the current oil prices, prices have gradually become a part of the express reality. In accordance with the receiving price of Beijing, the city express delivery within 1 kg, from the original $5 to about $7. Many shop sellers are often small profits, so the price is equivalent to their lives. In this adverse situation, there are a number of diligent Taobao sellers on the start of the delivery staff to do their own shop express". Of course, these services only for the city’s Taobao buyers. A seller even if such an account, that their delivery, one is to maintain their own express price unchanged, two is due to express price concessions, to attract more customers, three is subtracted from the transportation fee, but also from every single freight to earn a little money, is really one.

sellers express price unbearable

according to the buyer to reflect, and in recent years, when chatting with the owner of Taobao, found that many shopkeepers have said they can personally deliver. This situation is unique in the past. It is understood that these Taobao sellers are generally open shop, business volume is not large, personally delivery can pull more loyal customers; there is also a situation that their shop recruit help, can take the time to delivery.

according to a seller in Beijing, when the delivery of the general choice is not far away from home, the main choice of bicycles, electric vehicles and other low cost of transport. And ahead of schedule is planned in advance, to avoid the high cost of delivery caused by the impact of profits. The reason is not so hard to earn this freight, mainly the new open shop no popularity, doing so is conducive to good customer service, the accumulation of more loyal customers.

buyers personally delivered a warm welcome to

buyers coocle sales in a Taobao Walkman shop to buy a $90 MP3, let him surprise is actually the owner personally deliver it. The owner has a good advantage of delivery, delivery is the shop, found that the problem can be solved on the spot, will not appear as before disputes. And we can chat together, Taobao shopping experience, people feel very comfortable. I will choose this after shopping." He said.

with the owner of the personal delivery gradually popular, some shopkeepers on the baby hit the eye to attract the customer’s title, the store will never express price, the owner personally delivered, safe and secure."

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