Electricity supplier website the needs of female consumers

big man always like to complain about women more trouble, all sorts of entanglements, complaints, reluctance, so there are a variety of requirements, such as help, solve, seek comfort, etc.. A "seeking" word, in the eyes of the marketer is a huge wealth, because there are too many user requirements implied.

online, the female consumer is a huge crowd of women around the consumer demand for cosmetics, clothing, slimming industry and never see the dusk, as long as it is not war, this demand is rigid demand typical.

is a set of female consumer electronic data picking from billion state power:

1, each to a festival, the major electricity providers have started to women’s clothing, cosmetics based promotional war;

2, 2012 online shopping turnover of $8 trillion and 100 billion, female users accounted for more than 50%, mostly clothing beauty products;

3, a comprehensive department store electronic business platform for female users accounted for about 60%;

4, beauty class and social sharing class electricity supplier female users accounted for 80-90%;

5, female users accounted for more than 70%.

in fact, as early as 2008, the tide of women’s Internet consumption has begun to rise, the Internet, her era kicked off. So far, the female consumer is the mainstream of network consumption crowd, will not interact with women’s Internet applications, will eat a lot of losses.

some people say that now do the Internet, whether it is marketing or products, are women who have the world. In general, the following characteristics of the female population, the Internet workers should have some inspiration:

1, beauty

beauty of the hearts of all people, women are particularly strong. The word "beauty" was originally used to describe women, they also use various actions to try to support this part of their sacred words, and for the female beauty of the heart of consumer demand has been excavated. Electricity supplier in the field of women’s clothing, cosmetics, slimming products are always so full of vitality. The beauty of the heart by stimulating the demand that you guys are terrified, how can not understand.

2, strong desire to buy

it seems that women are inherently more love shopping, many girls can not go shopping all day to rest, while boys like running a marathon as followed, the worst is that some people around all day just to buy a hairpin. In any case, these boys can not understand, but girls have this desire, is like the feeling of shopping. Usually bought a bunch of things, but no use, this is a woman to do. Irrational consumption concept is also an important factor to promote her era.

3, very strong desire to share

I think this is a very great quality for women, especially for

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