Corals Piaoyun down the third party QQ will decide on what path to follow

      some time ago, coral QQ Soff (Chen Shoufu) alleged infringement was detained in Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau, the coral site was closed, a lot of users have been favorite QQ unofficial curtain call. For a time caused a lot of media and Internet users attention, but also caused panic in other third party QQ author.

      this is not, in October 11th, the main author of "Piaoyun QQ RunJin" and "crazy gentleman" both Piaoyun IP announced its withdrawal from the QQ development, this means that a third party QQ down. Piaoyun QQ exit undoubtedly cast a heavy bomb, under heavy psychological pressure, how the third party software QQ prospects? Is it really time to say goodbye?

      first, why Tencent hate third party QQ

      in China, Tencent QQ instant messaging software has been sitting in the top spot, the number of users, but the official QQ volume bloated, advertising, etc. to make the user dissatisfaction more plug-ins.

      while the third party QQ almost without exception will have to remove the advertising display IP, small size and other characteristics, their appearance, naturally welcomed by these users.

software name Tencent QQ software version 2007 full version of the software classification software chat tool capacity 18.4MB software application platform windows2000/xp/Vista software simplified language Chinese author Tencent high-speed download page

      however, the emergence of a large number of third party QQ, a large number of users will take QQ, the loss of the user, means that the Tencent’s advertising interests, therefore, these third party QQ became a Tencent "deep hatred". Tencent was taken to suppress the third party QQ measures, such as the use of technical means, forced version upgrades.

third party QQ function comparison table

      and third QQ in coral QQ is the most famous, most users, perhaps it is because of the fall, coral QQ became the number one target hit by Tencent. Since 2002, Tencent has been concerned about the existence of coral QQ, that its revised version of the official version of the alleged infringement of the QQ, and then repeatedly negotiated with the author, and access to the author’s pledge to stop infringement. December 2006, Beijing Haidian District people’s court ruled that the loss of coral QQ infringement, compensation for economic losses of 100 thousand yuan Tencent.

      and the Muzi version of the QQ version of the coral reef QQ in June 2003 due to the pressure of the Tencent to stop the update, the version of the Muzi has been more popular than the coral version. The >

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