Computer master fishing site Baidu ranked more than Sinopec official website

17 year old Kobayashi, although only primary school culture, but because of interest, self-learning computer website skills, and is very good at.

last year, he made a copy of the official website of the official website of the Zhejiang branch of Sinopec, as long as someone into the site recharge refueling card, the money will automatically enter Kobayashi’s game account, into his game currency.

this site, once ranked in Baidu more than the official website. At the end of November last year, Lin was arrested, and swindled 19000 yuan. Suspicion of fraud, the day before he was Yuhang procuratorate prosecution.

filled with 1000 yuan actually received SMS tips too much recharge

at the end of September 2011, Ms. Ma to work in the Yuhang area of Electronic Science and technology company on the Internet to charge money to their fuel card, so she enters the "Zhejiang online Sinopec in Baidu".

jumped out of the first article on the Sinopec Zhejiang online business hall, you can recharge online. Point to open a look, and previously registered Sinopec refueling card recharge site is almost. No more thinking, Ms. Ma input card number with its own gas, Alipay prepaid 1000 yuan.

recharge after 5 minutes, Ms. Ma received a message from just recharge website message, the effect that their value is too small, to charge 5000 yuan, to get more concessions, but also with the customer service QQ number.

received SMS, Ms. Ma doesn’t feel right, immediately call the customer service telephone inquiries of Sinopec, did not know he was caught. She then call the Alipay customer service, a business that his pay 1000 yuan to Beijing, buy virtual goods Sina U currency.

found himself after being cheated, Ms. Ma immediately reported to the Yuhang public security case.

after the network investigation, November 30, 2011, the public security organs in Guangdong city of Zhanjiang province arrested the suspect Lin, but he is actually a boy of 17 years of primary school education.

continues to optimize his website ranking higher and higher

Kobayashi was naughty, he refused to read the primary school reading. But he was interested in the computer, but also some talent, he self-taught, mastered a lot of computer and website skills, but also rely on the site optimization, the promotion of work to earn some money.

at the beginning of September 2011, Kobayashi in his hometown of Zhanjiang, found that Sinopec gas station to refuel, most of the people are refueling card. He thought that this large number of fuel cards, there must be through the network recharge channels.

Lin in the online search, and indeed found Sinopec Zhejiang branch to support online recharge.

brain collaterals, he decided to make a company Sinopec Zhejiang fishing website, cheat recharge the money. Then, the computer master step by step to design a scam trap:


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