Community is a vertical trend of the gem website quietly rise

With the rapid development of

beauty said, and a number of vertical electric business community website, most of the owners have begun to pay attention to vertical class community website future market potential and broad development space, and turn to the vertical segments, in order to occupy a favorable position in an early stage of development of Internet industry segments. "One of the principal owners" is insightful, he founded the vertical community website all jewelry altar, because accurate positioning, focus on professional content accumulation, after nearly 3 years of development has become the most popular jewelry website, and on the altar in the recently program upgrade to X2.5 version, in order to Discuz! To provide better services for users online.

it is reported that the jewelry everyone ( was founded in 2009, in order to love the jewelry of young women as the main object of service, is the home of jewelry lovers. The site gathered the appreciation of jewelry, jewelry, jewelry trading process network of interest groups, to jewelry and jewelry identification and online users to share and exchange love, and almost all the jewelry jewelry company price information, by way of information display, online transactions to meet the needs of users to buy jewelry, tasting.

jewelry everyone is a representative of the Internet market segmentation of a website. It takes jewelry for the media, market segmentation, target market position in the jewelry lovers, just 3 years time, the jewelry has attracted nearly 200 thousand people tan jewelry enthusiasts to learn, exchange and sharing website. The principal said: "last year we jewelry altar popularity soared, the whole jewelry industry recognition, and quickly beyond the early establishment of an old rival, such as jewelry, jade wo weidong."

spoke about the reasons for the explosion of red website when the website said, "President" is always to the core interests of users, weakening the commercial atmosphere, make the user feel true and reliable, have a sense of belonging, they can find many friends here, learn together and share the experience of jewelry. "The most incisive Like attracts like. here, respect their nature, will naturally get recognition."

In addition to

, the principal also further analyzed the reasons from the point of view of the technical platform of the site, the conclusions are consistent. He said that the technical platform of the site is like the core elements of the ore, it directly determines the quality of the final jewelry. "Discuz! Is currently the best community program for owners more quickly and more easily facilitate the establishment; at the same time Discuz! Has the quality of keeping pace with the times, follow the development trend of the Internet, continue to join the advanced concept of community, such as Discuz! Reflect the X2.5 increase in radio, attention, @ friends, community comments back the interactive function is very good. The forum is also based on this upgrade."

it flowers do not open, the gander "" principal "always use this sentence to encourage myself to.

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