t was a year in October saw no coral

  on the day before the popular online did report that corals have been arrested and detained the server screen (although it is unclear status), program also mentioned the suspect surnamed Chen, identified as SOFF undoubtedly, and there are number of college students against the "rogue software plug-in" "invasion of privacy" (I believe you look after heart is not the taste), it is worth noting that the forensic Tencent in an interview said they had privately contacted the coral, but why SOFF is not currently detained.

      in August 16th, the Tencent will once again the coral on the court, this is the second Chen Shoufu for 100 thousand (according to oneself say there is another bad news after the change), but this time he had no matter what. This time, the company is targeting a network of coral reefs. (5 million of the price of the coral was sold, so Chen Shoufu gave up the development of the coral from the last defendant)


      no matter said above is true, we can see that these three days, ww.coralQQ.com, bbs.coralQQ.com and www.soff.net have not visited, believe that this time the situation is very serious. Since the loss of 100 thousand, after a long time did not update the coral patch, a while before the update began, corresponding to the QQ2007 out a lot of versions, so Tencent broke out again.

      then take a look at the following about coral bit by bit, what do you feel?

        think this coral version of QQ, it is an important role in the original is very beautiful QQ, this is the reason many users choose it. No matter what shape the rock below the coral reef will be attached, and the coral version of QQ no matter how you upgrade Tencent, you have to add a pen in the original architecture.

      IP can show the characteristics of the largest coral, but also many users choose the cause of it, said more bluntly, the coral IP database, you can roughly understand the chat object location, this effect we do not extend, many of my friends are of great use.

can not only display the upper right corner of the ad IP and no

      and the other is to shield the original QQ advertising, including the system prompt information, chat in the dialog box and so on, do you want to open a QQ on a lot of windows, advertising?


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