Nora infringement case 260 million penalty decision issued immediately effective

[Abstract] Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau (Intellectual Property Office) today formally to Nora company served administrative penalty decision, 260 million yuan ticket immediate effect.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on June 26th

Nora suspected piracy infringement today has the latest developments. Shenzhen market supervision and Administration (Intellectual Property Office) today formally to Nora served the administrative punishment decision, 260 million yuan ticket immediate effect.

informed sources, before Nora information network transmission right infringement case hearing in 2014 6 and 17 non publicly held hearings to maintain the original "administrative penalty hearing this book" in the content to be punished.

June 26th in the afternoon, the market supervision administration of Shenzhen city law enforcement officers came to the Shenzhen city is located in the Nanshan District high tech Park Nora corporate headquarters, served on the "book" administrative punishment decision to Nora company, Nora has to sign "the penalty decision".

Nora was sentenced to constitute infringement

the decision shows Nora company without permission of the rights, through its operating Nora player software to the public dissemination of the Beijing love story and other 24 film and television works.

decided to book that Nora should have known in knowing that the third party website and the information network transmission right infringement case, is still on the infringement information collection, active edit, organize and set up the chain, with significant subjective fault, constitutes infringement, made in administrative punishment, after rectification, continue to implement acts of infringement, a serious violation of the legitimate interests of copyright holders, disrupting the online video copyright order and harm the public interest, shall be subject to administrative penalties.

the bureau finds that the amount of illegal business Nora’s case was 86 million 716 thousand yuan in accordance with the law, considering the infringement Nora’s plot and the consequences of violations and other factors, the basis for the decision of People’s Republic of China "copyright law" article forty-eighth, "the People’s Republic of China copyright Law Implementation Regulations" and "People’s Republic of China thirty-sixth" the relevant provisions of the administrative punishment law for a middle gear, 1 times the amount of illegal business more than 5 times the fine, which is 3 times the 260 million 148 thousand yuan fine.

According to

reports, such as Nora on the decision of punishment, may within sixty days of Publication Bureau or the Shenzhen Municipal People’s government to apply for administrative reconsideration to the Guangdong provincial news; also in three months directly to the people’s court.

need to pay attention to is that administrative reconsideration or administrative penalty decision does not stop the implementation of the proceedings. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, Nora company should pay a fine within 15 days, overdue payment, the daily fine will be imposed a fine of 3% plus a fine.

Nora complaint was dismissed

in the previous hearing, Nora company’s main points are: Nora company’s behavior is not subjective intent, should apply the "safe harbor principle"

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