To push in this battlefield without smoke there are three kinds of dead method

trapped in cost, unspeakable pain; shy, team war; died Tandaqiuquan, primary and secondary


had the ring

lead: trapped in cost, unspeakable pain; shy, team war; died Tandaqiuquan, primary and secondary tired…

a recent report on the ground to attract me, saying that there is a Wangjing SOHO sweep yards street, just 100 meters, it spread nearly 30 points to push. This can not help but it reminds me that the bell time to push the rash and too much in haste. As a push "fighter", we have to roll through the mobile Internet wave waving ripple striver. Perhaps it is because of all kinds of O2O project, the retail industry, the game entertainment industry such as "trouble", to push to a new outlet; and perhaps the marketing communication about rising costs and TV advertising in the user of Internet advertising tired escape, in order to push into our preferred way of promotion.

But in

, refused to give subsidies, race each other to sweep yards and coupons after in the push bar, the Blazers to push the platform to emerge when the "push" the dean of the mission of public comments and to push the play fast but still "hard", as a push loser, the bell goods lift the pen to write down the scars.

We pushed

with broken halberds defeat, "death" in the


I, the original one of the food and beverage O2O project in charge of the Shenzhen region, the operating team of 29 people, including full-time staff to push up to 8 people, a total of more than 100 people, a total of more than 11 people, plus part-time staff. Promotion is a similar WeChat Twitter Life, Amoy little APP, and 8 months, with the company’s products in transition. At that time, the object is a merchant, two users. Merchants are small and medium restaurants, inviting them settled in app, revitalize the platform. The user is the shopping center in the restaurant as the center of the consumer groups. From the results, we start to choose the wrong way, also became the talk of peer scorn. Today when the whole lesson:

as a warning for the future.

, trapped in the cost, namelesspain

although we clearly push is a heavy human heavy force or persistent or grand thing, but in the cost control still stumbled.

is the first human cost, the project started in 2013 when the US team is doing network operations, to push our experiences in order to make up for the short board team, the company a lot of blood transfusion, just 1 months, the Shenzhen team to push new full-time staff of 6 people, I also from senior operations manager to promote team leader. The original network operations team or transferred or "active" turnover, while Beijing headquarters group from the United States paid hired a director, in charge of the work of 11 branch operations. This leads to great adjustment of human structure, increase the cost of hiring, wages, and fixed fare to push people (even outside accommodation), bonus and commission has become the new spending, but also broke the original salary structure. "

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