People’s home new station promotion plan

shocking home aim is released coming, collecting rettew, let love Lei friends together.

web site using the program: Uhome, discuz forum, SS content publishing program.

platform name: radar, thunder that highlights, shocking forum.

domain name: ( has been removed)

early planning

1, set up a good platform for two days.

2, two days – to modify the program within five days, and some of the key places into the thunder and the relevant, in the face of the SS content to increase the small prompt function.

3, SS content classification, forum forum, Uhome related procedures for debugging functions.

4, released from 100 to 200 articles. (completed within a week)

5, registered about 10 members, to attract tourists.

6, the website program for the final test.

early promotion

1, landing search engine, this is good, recommended to everyone. Http://

2, Baidu encyclopedia in the relevant entries to optimize.

3, the other popular forums in the dissemination of information to attract tourists.

4, pull your friends. Let them do it for themselves. So pull the point of contact, is the best way to promote the early

5, cycle above four points.

preliminary plan.

1, two station activities, such as: Jiabao contest.

2, design some good banner.

3, the festival to the members of the points.

4, updated daily content of about 10.

has now been done here, and everything went smoothly, and after a period of time the rest of the plan, and laughed at you.

is also the first time I do stand. Hope to get more help, so to offer. Ha ha

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