On the free promotion techniques of regional sites

Hello, I am shops, glad to meet you, to share with you today in a web site promotion experience, do no good, strong in function, if the promotion does not go out, also do not equal to, can only be self appreciation, no practical significance! Now many webmaster do a website simple, is suffering from bad promotion, because there is no huge financial backing, had to come to explore.

Site area shops

me (demo.shop8.org) do, of course. This is a general demonstration station, all the stations are the same, want to see the effect of free promotion and to pay attention to skills. A new site on the line, in the absence of traffic is not known in the case of how to promote it?

, clear your site theme shops is the subject of local ordinary businesses, local business entities, and they have very good cooperation, is nothing more than to give them free to do promotion, the aim is to get their real consumer members, members of the entity into a loyal member website. Their businesses are having lots of membership groups, can let them through the website to find the merchant discount, activity content, greatly saves the time members very convenient, sit at home can browse, you can get discount information, and go to the store shopping.

two, we have to do is a local display platform, not only to do the show is also a convenient platform, like shops, an area of development of a local area network, I believe that the idle away in seeking pleasure discount information, you can create a fake website code, but the strategy is not to imitate, we QQ group, to provide such a service, we unite together to do in this area, with a goal, is one of the best entrepreneurial projects.

three, the alliance effect, cross regional platform for cooperation and promotion, to promote the selection of enterprises to promote regional characteristics of the platform, greatly increasing the efficiency, the effect is obvious.

four, tips. Businesses are not afraid to spend money to do promotion, fear can not see the effect, we can make the effect that businesses convinced, and to help promotion, we don’t need too much area station search engine, consumer membership flow local real is the capital, is the preparation for the profit.

said so much today. There are a lot of skills, I can share these out next time, at least in the area of user station we have been recognized, might as well you can test, a problem can directly find I qq50904331 communication, to discuss cooperation matters.

              good friends next time continue to pay attention to, or that sentence, I only recognized Admin5, reproduced please indicate!!!!!

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