Why do you need a COO Bet you didn’t think about it

Hagel said: "not knowing well."

many entrepreneurs may be that most probably it did not actually happen "I need help, so I hired a COO" bet you didn’t really think about, why do you need a COO? At what stage should be hiring COO venture? How to make him play the biggest role in the real


common errors include: COO play nanny role, become the company’s daily operation of the housekeeper; or two CEO, alternative entrepreneurs decision; or CEO is still involved in micro management, resulting in COO do nothing. These errors caused by the innovation of the company team to break up, the case is not uncommon to tear each other.

this text believe that deep benefit for entrepreneurs. The core proposal is to start from the identification of the advantages and disadvantages of CEO itself, and then look for complementary capabilities with COO, and the establishment of a real entrepreneurial partnership.

1 he’s not a nanny, not a two CEO…… Do you really know why you need an COO?

2 based on past work relationships and mutual trust is not enough, if you want to work with colleagues in partnership, first of all, on these 9 issues reaffirmed the consensus.

3 entrepreneurs to give investors regular email? Why not only here, but also comes with a set of standard mail template for reference.

4 want employees to innovate freely? I’m afraid it’s an illusion. Try this four force model.

because of the lack of clear and accurate understanding of the role of COO, many start-up companies tend to be a long time after the company is equipped with a manager in the operation of the company, this phenomenon is very common. CMO is responsible for marketing, CTO is responsible for overseeing research and development, and the role of COO does not seem to be a very clear positioning. Even after the "COO" was entered in the search engine, the resulting definition was "a senior executive in charge of managing the company’s day-to-day operations" – and there are many areas to be improved.

The United States

manual business platform Etsy COO Linda Coetzee Rosicky (Linda Kozlowski) has been working in Evernote and Alibaba, held at First Round’s CEO summit, she explains how and why the company will operate on the core position, how to find suitable for the development of the company’s COO.

What is

COO? Why do you need a COO?

The role of

COO is determined by its relationship with CEO.

if the team compared to a film crew, then, CEO and COO is equivalent to the director and producer. "CEO, a startup, is likely to focus on improving yourself to prove that you are a leader, so that employees can trust you, give you the future, or invest in you." Kozlowski said, "but it’s not that you show them everything."

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