The mathematical model of the network behind the viral phenomenon

calculation of the sociologist Sharad goel (Sharad Goel) on the viral transmission mode of things, such as "black or white?"

Sharad, a sociologist at

, has developed a set of mathematical methods to determine what causes massive "mental pollution" in the form of".

at the end of February this year, a photo spread worldwide in a few days, sparked intense discussion. Everyone is the color of the skirt over blush, this argument quickly evolved into a tit for tat between different groups. Social media are full of "black" and "white school" debate.

is similar to "dress events" such a phenomenon can tell us the information dissemination way? What makes it become "spiritual virus"? In the "management science" (Management Science) in an article, Sharad Goebbels (Sharad Goel) and his collaborators put forward the mathematical definition of viral transmission, in order to quantify a concept among friends, rather than by the extent of the spread of media. "Nature" magazine interviewed Goel, asked his results in the "skirt" on the use of the problem. Goel is currently a computational sociologist at the Stanford University.

what do you think of the rapid spread of "skirt" photos?

as a passerby, I think the whole thing is amazing. People often use the phrase "viral", but I do not know this kind of "spiritual virus" what is popular. According to the definition in our paper, the skirt can be counted as a viral phenomenon, but it also contains many factors of non viral spread.

What is the meaning of "viral"

?The so-called "

virus spirit", "viral", written in viral/virality English, usually as a synonym for the popular ". For example, a "viral" of the video, referring to the is likely to pass the crazy Taylor MV (Taylor Swift) official release or what.

and I define the "spirit of the virus", more inclined to come from the grassroots, the general will not think it will be popular things. In the paper, the more accurate explanation is that those who pass ten hundred, one hundred thousand rather than through the public media, such as the New York Times or other mainstream news media. We call this process through personal communication is called "structural viral" (structural virality).

viral phenomenon and many other features, such as spread fast and unpredictable, but these are not included in the definition. Nevertheless, I think the definition of what we do already contains a core feature of viral intuitive understanding of the.

how to judge a thing is viral? "

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