On the essence of SEO marketing

What is the nature of

SEO marketing most people will answer: to meet the needs of users and immediately into a profit. The reason is probably because you want to immediately solve the problem of product sales, make money right now, who would like to do a good job marketing immediately profitable.

so most when doing marketing skills, always pursue a variety of means, a variety of shortcut methods, but the effect is not ideal, the reality is always the contrary. Xiao Bian believes that the method itself is right, wrong is the direction, the direction of the wrong, and no matter how hard the effect is not good, marketing is not to do addition, subtraction.


What is the purpose of marketing

SEO? In order to sell its products? In order to make money? I think not, it should be the original intention is to help users find it needs, the needs of users, service users need products, users need to answer, no matter what this thing is.

back to the essence of marketing problems, the original intention is to help users find what they need, and we are selling our products, to immediately profit income, this effect is not good, our product is user demand, but not immediately demand right. In general, why don’t you buy our products? Because you will give priority to find your acquaintances to buy, buy for you are familiar with the channel, is my product is not good? No, my price, quality is no problem, the key is not a problem, this problem, our problem is trust the problem, therefore, do marketing immediately effective starting point is wrong, said the short-term effect is to hurt others, hurt yourself, simply said, the short-term effect of the marketing is the killer.

what is the nature of the SEO marketing it is respect for the laws of nature, the process of long-term pay only return.

that is how to do is in line with the laws of nature, can make money for a long time? Xiaobian summarized as the following three points:

1 no pay no return

many people will say, I also paid a lot, a lot of work to do, often outside the chain, do the micro-blog marketing, the WeChat marketing, often work overtime, did not pay? Xiaobian refers not to the pay, the pay is the basis, such as when you want to sell a product. What is the core competitiveness of it? The answer is basically no, price, quality with peers are similar, then back to the question of pay, what is it? The more popular talk time is occupied by the user who, who are not only selling better, the settling time, sales have the effect immediately immediately does not comply with the laws, like men and women began to fall in love, woman asked the men to have house and car, the man immediately disgusted, not with the passage of time, did not establish the emotional foundation, no shape Consumption habits, the short term can have a good effect? Obviously contrary to the laws of nature well!

so the pre marketing law is more interactive, do a good job of relations, the establishment of love

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