Double eleven business feast approaching Gome online can Fengeng

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the annual double eleven Carnival approaching, the major domestic electricity supplier enterprise technology Tencent will release special prepared to meet the challenge, a series of reports, a comprehensive presentation of Ali, Jingdong (micro-blog), Gome, Suning and other major electricity supplier platform strategy, promotion strategy, data comparison, provide a reference for industry practitioners and consumers.


technology Tencent.

in September 27th, once the richest man China business legend who used to leave the prison 16 years in prison.

in prison, another China before the "richest man". According to public information, after two commutation, in May 2016 Wong Kwong Yu was again reduced to imprisonment for 11 months. After the commutation, Wong Kwong Yu should be executed to February 26, 2021. It means that Wong Kwong Yu is out of jail for less than 5 years.


and Wong Kwong Yu who used different, as well as his own outside of the industry. When her husband came out, to give him a better country." Wong Kwong Yu’s wife, Gome holding group CEO said in the year 5 as the cuckoo.

but in the absence of Wong Kwong Yu time, Chinese retail industry has undergone changes in turn the world upside down once the sales giant, missed the rise of the Internet and the Alibaba, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, missed the old rivals Suning’s radical transformation, although the United States performance has not suffered cliff style decline, but in the next five years time at the helm of the United States is still behind the urgent need to find direction in trouble for the company.

is a cruel fact is, according to Analysys think tank data released in June, in the first quarter of 2016 China retail network B2C market share, the top four are Tmall, Jingdong, and, its share was 56.5%, 23.6%, 3% and 2.9%, the United States ranked fifth a share of only 1.6%.

Wong Kwong Yu, can you give the ultimate answer to this question?

in order to give up the home appliance 3C stars sea

in the Yellow prison a few years after the United States first experienced between occupation managers and the founder of the Kinslayer war. After Chen Xiao incident, the United States is in setting the state electricity supplier in the tide comes but sway through the United States, new competition again after return double Kuba Gome online.

even today, Gome (micro-blog) – online and offline business system is still not perfect, in 2016, Gome group strategy conference, chairman of the Committee decision azalea openly "at the operational level, the United States online as soon as possible to establish business capacity procurement team, to achieve self appliances for advantage highlights drive the business platform. Improve customer experience and flow from technology and operations."

had news that the United States online in the United States internal >

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