Taobao a piece of auction 159 million takes about 4 hours


according to voice of china CNR News reported that the Internet not only to buy clothes, shoes, daily necessities, but also to buy land. The day before, a successful auction of state-owned land use rights, the auction price reached 159 million.

the auction by the Zhejiang City People’s court left rather open auction in the Taobao online, the subject matter is already filed for bankruptcy in Zhejiang Hongchang tanning Co. Ltd. all right to use the land and buildings, to assess the price of about 158 million 700 thousand yuan, the starting price of 155 million yuan, can be said that the billion Qipai prices have been doomed to the auction attracted people’s attention.

began in March 13th, the land in Taobao publicity, 15 days of publicity period, a total of more than 32 thousand people to view the auction page. During the auction, a total of 7000 simultaneous onlookers.

official auction began at 10 am on March 29th, after 4 hours, after a round of bidding, the auction to $159 million turnover, the buyer is an investment company in Haining.

why so much of the subject to take on the Internet? Haining court in charge of the racquet work judge Xu Xinliang said, "the network judicial auction has three advantages, first, it is very wide dissemination of information; two, due to the anonymity of the public and the registration network, can effectively curb colluding phenomenon three, online auction; zero Commission, the parties can achieve maximum benefits." Because if this land is carried out according to the traditional auction, the auction commission up to 1 million yuan.

Haining court, a staff member said: This is a significant net auction transaction, the auction will further promote the pace of online judicial auction."


last June 26th for the first time in the judicial auction platform published the auction announcement, as of the time before the auction, the judicial auction platform announcement of 127 items, including vehicles, machinery and equipment, factory buildings, residential, commercial housing, has completed the auction of 100, a pay rate of 83%.

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