Love to buy share the economy individual consumption against O2O capital winter

in the current national Internet era, Internet plus concept and o2o mode is pushed in the teeth of the storm, and at breakneck speed, a new way of personal consumption and business development of the new entrance. But this year more and more rely on the burn vitamin o2o project, due to the cooling of passion began a substantial adjustment in capital business even close. Still looking forward to the future of the Internet entrepreneurs who’ve really felt the impact of the "capital of winter". Love a purchase to build o2o city life service platform is put forward in the future business is to create the era of personal consumption in Internet plus environment. Personalized consumption, sharing the economy will become a strong weapon against o2o capital winter!


personalized consumption to meet user needs

in the business, "wine is not afraid of deep alley" the truth already does not apply to the present society, how will the product information, dissemination of accurate and effective marketing activities into the consumer’s attention, into the consumer’s heart, is the kingly way of marketing. This requires businesses to achieve effective dissemination of information in the big environment of Internet information explosion, precision marketing. For example, the food and beverage industry, love through the purchase of consumers in the purchase of a platform to show consumer spending habits, consumer preferences, etc., according to customer tastes push new dishes. Such a personalized consumer push, better able to meet the needs of consumers.

share the economy leading precision marketing

marketing is built on the basis of communication, and if you can make the spread of value, no doubt more conducive to the efficiency of communication. So, when life will be simple to share the action of users to share the economy, so that the spread of the value of the process, it means that the sharing behavior can also become a business. Love said that the purchase of life to share innovative business model, is expected to lead the future trend.


and the implication, to the consumer, each share, every time consumption may also therefore generate additional revenue, and every consumer could have therefore become business marketing spread from the media, this is a double profit model of innovation.

love is precisely the purchase of the chain of consumers and businesses, to help consumers and consumers, online interaction between consumers and businesses, and then pull the consumption of online and offline, and the formation of a certain interest chain. It can be said that, compared to most of the network financial company commitment is even higher than the public imagination of high-yield, lifestyle long-term income behavior, rational and more secure, more suitable for ordinary consumers. Love is a life purchase services, all types of businesses in the sharing of information, its own store wiring Ding brother orders, experience in the form of consumption under the line, and provide door-to-door service within a certain distance, let o2o advantage of the combination of online and offline to reflect the most incisive.

love to buy a o2o exploration at the same time, constantly updated and optimized city life service platform, the platform itself is also looking for their own development >

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