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A few days ago

wrote two articles, and I have many friends, some say because the real talent network not found, and about 1000000 wasted, because some do not have enough experience, and lost a lot of money, because they can not find the real site planning website operators understand and lost, after listening to the heart, not only for the heat network business friends and sentimental, because I am also in business, very hard, although I have no money so they, but I was able to experience the taste. So I also very sincere exchange with them, I know some websites and experience the experience to share with them, they hope to avoid detours, faster success, although the experience in some people’s opinion is not worth a look, but I hope I can bring some friends to rev. Hair, I will be satisfied. Originally I of these experiences, I also don’t want to teach others, but I really can’t bear to see so many friends in the network venture Road failure, I hope more people succeed. At the same time, my site is also in the operation of the hard, please support a lot: Manager marriage network (

talk about the planning, construction and operation of large business sites?


today, a friend in Dalian found me, saying that their company intends to operate a large talent site, looking for a network company, the development of the part of the outsourcing. After listening to his simple needs, the hearts of a little confused, I do not know whether to take this list. Because they engaged in large-scale e-commerce website development and operation has been more than three years, said not long, say short not short, once saw a large site many friends and peers, has done very successful, but some do very failure. So I don’t want to also don’t want friends to take over their own website or the website not to do their own success; we must do a good job, he must not fail, the possible factors to reduce failure, I think only in this mentality and attitude towards the customer’s site, to make their own business go further, so in the functional requirements that after listening to the Dalian friends, I feel like they are blind, not familiar with the Internet industry, they are only familiar with professional human resources in the field of their true, if in accordance with the requirements of their simple to develop web site, to them, it is difficult to estimate the success. So I am very contradictory. Here I would like to talk about my previous experience:

1.        the first point of the back: why do you want to start at the back? And what is the meaning behind the first point? Every time I see the program or website construction project pre planning of many friends, function is perfect, very thoughtful consideration, such as a large B2B business website, once friends scheme, and Alibaba completely similar, even more than the Alibaba’s function is powerful, the website, spent a lot of manpower cost after that, get the market operation, found that many functions are more.

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