A detailed wedding photography website promotion operation mode

recently had a friend encountered some problems in the promotion in the wedding photography website, what about these, see the nature will run, so here the author to see recently, learned the wedding industry should have promotion together, write a wedding website promotion operation method. After all, the wedding industry competition is relatively large, if you want to do, must be the overall feasibility of the mode of planning, so it is more meaningful.

. Localization Forum promotion, promotion has been very love, because of the localization of promotion can be applied to many elements, these elements can bring a favorable place for yourself unlimited website studio, as the saying goes, is not afraid of deep alley, this is not false, then how can we highlight the bouquet. That is our advantage? So long can use local promotion mode

a) on the forum, send Videos: he has been a local forum and the Forum on control, more beauties not escape their horizons, and usually inside always can see many beautiful photos, these beautiful pictures are so tempting, matters here is that you can use.? send videos, since it is the wedding industry, then the photo is necessary, the electronic version, release the deposit can lay a reputation for yourself, find some pictures very beautiful wedding photos in the forum Tutu area, then naturally can attract the attention of small series, naturally there are many people who want to know where is the film, the rest, you know, I do not say; but these are not for a long time, long is the case, that is to use the membership transfer their wedding, by every customers Pass on to another customer, and then bring order and order.

b) for cooperation, for booth: localized promotion mode including a variety of promotional platform, the forum advertising, since it is local forum, it should be more to do service industry, buy some advertising in the local forum membership discounts, promotions, and now very popular group purchase mode is done, and the promotion of the purpose is not to a long time to buy, to do is to order, push each other through word of mouth, until recently "tongue on China" is how to promote it? Is through word-of-mouth between push each other, then come to the end, is a good film, but not the other. As long as you publicity out, there will be someone to help you publicity.

two. Online promotion, online promotion, since it is the local industry, then there should be an appropriate line on the website, not for the promotion, but the website is decent, especially now, the site of the current situation is not ideal, ranking the chain??? These in front of me, I say, content based, online promotion is to flow well, but if there is no good content, flow more clouds, the basis of all is based on the content above, for example, your IP is 200, the bounce rate 10%, leaving 180 are good customers, if your IP is > 1000.

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