Allen Lin sauce brand meal God was announced 83 million main condiment market financing

August 18th news today, Allen Lin founded the sauce brand "meal God" announced the completion of a new round of 83 million yuan financing, lead investor from HCapital, with the cast party for Sichuan Taihe Group, Hefei Yan Zhuang Edible Oil Co. Ltd., Shanghai green Rainbow Center, Shanghai ancient Yi Investment Management Center and individual investors investment scene sent Wang Enjie Zhang Hua.  

ye ye, founder of Allen Lin, said: rice Ye started from chili sauce, the future will be extended to more differentiated, boutique seasoning category market." This round of financing will be used to lay the traditional channels, expand offline sales, recruitment and the introduction of more people to join the industry.

April 2016, rice ye had announced the acquisition of tens of millions of yuan A round of financing. The investment side of Huiyuan Group, the daughter of Zhu Xinli Zhu Shengqin personally penned this project. Another investor Fangsheng investment partner in Muslim former core members of BELLE group. In rice Ye angel and A round of investment institutions including ceyuan ventures, Fang Sheng, fund it real fund, Huiyuan Group, individual investors and Han Yang and Allen Lin.

According to official disclosure,

rice, rice, officially launched in May 11th this year, two days sold 30 thousand bottles of chili sauce, two months online sales of over ten million.

Allen Lin as the star of the show, since 2005 to appear in the CCTV delicacy television announcer, has published several books and last year delicacy, and Youku cooperation program "and" food delicacy. Allen Lin is currently the World Food Council, was the two French imperial kitchen will Five Star Diamond Award winner.

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