Beauty is a grass root marketing in the era of the O2O carnival

Abstract: the more low-end customers, more like these beauty marketing tricks. We open the site, the lower right corner to jump out of a few female stars, red Cosplay women giggle and flirt game character, promote the quality of poor Webpage Game and unknown online games; we are also the largest game show China Joy.

is the brightest horses of the Internet has been a hotly contested spot. The advent of the O2O era, the official subversion of the traditional business model, the reorganization of the supply chain and various channels. At home, doing a good brand, in addition to Alibaba, Jingdong and other traditional platforms, there are many platforms perpendicular to various industries, such as tourism Ctrip, where the network; Taobao restaurant takeout, hungry; Guevara class ticket.

why O2O can become bosses and entrepreneurs after all, darling? Limit high rental shops and lots of traffic on profits is very terrible, and you cannot timely follow up customer demand and user experience, which leads to effectively upgrade products. Do you know if your product is sold to white collar or college students? What are your customers’ comments and suggestions about your products?. But all you want to follow up on the big and small information, the network is recorded.

since O2O is so hot, so domestic businessmen began to use their brains, we need attention! We need to occupy the topic page! We need more hype! So beauty marketing came into being. The handsome and beautiful beautiful beauty marketing body to attend public activities, the platform, manufacturing topics, to attract customers attention.

September 26, 2014, Shanghai No. two line, two girls began to strip meat self-assured or supercilious, stripped to his underwear, eclectic scene. While the side of the man is busy on the prepared clothes, we understand that this is a premeditated marketing activities.


July 24, 2015, a Beijing restaurant to hire dozens of Europe and the United States strong male model, dressed as the three hundred Spartans, the main street in the business circle of China World Trade Center openly show, soon to be worthy of our people’s police uniforms. Male model who is probably the phase of the high consumption of China World Trade Center District per capita food 151 yuan, so desperate to walk like moths.



on 04 November 2015, Beijing SOHO East, a dozen women dressed in bikinis along the flow of people more street walk, sexy, buttocks and chest printed with two-dimensional code, is a campaign of a mobile phone app. Because the scene is too vulgar and can not be described, the beauty of this trip is to stop the respectable people’s police.


in a few cases above

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