On the promotion of enterprise website 1

enterprise website, including individuals to do e-commerce website, promotion has been a problem.

common promotion method is nothing more than SEO, or related industry station drive flow, thus driving sales. Here I also explain some of the methods I used, I hope to help novice:

I do business promotion. And generally do SEO brothers may little difference. I do not have the resources to use SEOer (some SEO hands on a large number of Web sites can exchange Links, so you can quickly improve the PR value of the new station. There are some special network promotion company SEO have some mass tools, can also speed up the efficiency of network promotion), and I came to the company, can be described as "poor and blank". Fortunately, however, contact the network has more than ten years, for some things are still relatively clear. Although it is not easy, but still find a lot of can use mass tools, but the effect of the SEOer than those professionals who, a little gap.

since I was doing business network promotion, the first object is the promotion of Alibaba. The reasons are as follows:

1 do business network promotion and do information is not the same, the company will not give you how much money let you advertise, and exchange links, most people will not exchange with you. Because the enterprise website in general, ZhengZhan update rarely, for the PR contribution is limited, and the general business of PR is not high. In addition to some of the early corporate website, most of the PR or 1 or 2 level, or even a lot of 0.

2 network is too big, "said the number has exceeded 1 trillion, every day is still at an alarming rate soared, just do promotion on the Internet, tired to death you. So, I choose the most targeted Alibaba.

3 integrity of the user, do not use white.

hand tools I have only one: Maxthon (Maxthon browser)

specific promotion methods are as follows:

first, we do the catering industry, mainly in Shanghai and surrounding areas. So I was in the Alibaba, the first choice is Shanghai.

moreover, the promotion of the language to organize. You promote the product, your company profile, your strengths, your contact information. The whole content can not be too long, long no one to see, in front of things that can not be less. That’s what I wrote:

Shanghai Green Xin food management Co., Ltd. specializes in enterprises, institutions, schools, factories and other social groups canteen management, distribution of agricultural and sideline products, kitchen design catering services. Its business scope covers Shanghai, Wuxi, Suzhou, Nanjing, Anhui and other places, is currently the largest one of the contractor service providers.

According to the experience of green

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