Baidu included confusion

      in January this year to help friends built a site, with the PowerEasy procedures (art, ZhengZhan template changes), completed, teach friends how to add articles, modify articles, and add a lot of articles in a few days. After about January 15th or so, in the Baidu website login page submitted a web site, waiting for Baidu included (in order to avoid the CN domain name junk station is not easy to be collected by Baidu, specifically for the.Com domain name).

      followed by a period of time, every day I Baidu in this site, did not find the Baidu included, until February 10th, but also less than Baidu. At that time, I analyzed, may be the problem of the speed of Baidu audit years ago, continue to wait, and let this friend in the establishment of a few blog, and published with the site link article. February 19th, I took a look at the Baidu site, has been included in the! But what surprised me was that it was January 18, 2007! And on the 636 page!!! It is strange, why before I search the basic search less than, but why Baidu search display as early as January 18th has been included? I clearly remember the beginning of the month two I have not been included in the search. This is not Baidu to new sites included a new gimmick? But after more than a few times a friend of the site, Baidu included on the home page updated once, in January 26th, after which there has been no update, Baidu has been included in the new station has become so cautious?

      do not know whether the other owners have this situation. It also told me that Baidu included speed is still fast, we do not submit the site address, submit a time is enough, patience. As long as you stand no problem, then it will be included.



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