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The company’s Web site

bump exhibition nets are developed from the wildly beating gongs and drums, the line is still a long distance. But my view is that although the site is not, but some promotion can be carried out in advance. There are many kinds of website promotion, online master Lin, in no one must, to mention only self built QQ group promotion. The master is not worth mentioning, also do not laugh, new hope for some help.

we all know that QQ group can be used to invite users to register, publish web advertising, interactive cooperation, etc.. (this accidentally is advertising for Tencent, but had to admit that the Tencent NB, QQ group is really good stuff) and most of them are to promote the site to others built QQ group promotion, some even in the group of direct advertising, so easy to cause the group Friends of the anti sense, which is people go to the point of your link. Even provoked the wrath of old, a direct kick it.

and I am self built QQ group, friends are aware of the establishment of a QQ group can accommodate at least 100 groups of friends, rather than the relevant business will not enter your group. For example, the bump exhibition nets is about the exhibition, I built a exhibition business group, is for all related enterprises such as exhibition, exhibition hall, exhibition services, exhibition organizers, exhibitors and so on. So these companies are naturally invited QQ group.


group is built, and then invite the business into the group problem, if you build a group, only in some forums or Baidu post tell others of this group, let the honest waiting someone to come in, then a few months or even a year or so, to make the group lively. I was searching the exhibition directly in the QQ group, and then add some selective QQ group, in addition to the main group and administrator, I choose the appropriate enterprise a invitation to join my QQ group, not all enterprises generally refused a promotion business or enterprise product channels, but in the early stage of your QQ group is not high the invitation of the success rate is not high, so a single invitation is very annoying, but the effect is gradually revealed. When your QQ group has dozens of people, basically you invite others will be happy to accept, a lot of people will thank you, ha ha! This effect is very good, one to two months, my group will soon be saturated.

when your group of people more, you have to establish the corresponding management measures, I asked in my group in the enterprise must put into place group name card + company name, so as to facilitate future website and business links and convenient group enterprise exchange. If do not change when the group T firm, when many people don’t have to worry about no one into the group, and in your group of people less do not always T people, this group of popularity without. You should find a few common willing to speak and have certain prestige in the group of friends in the group manager of you do in the group, if so many people can choose to take turns to do administrators, each one to two weeks, the time can be customized. (PS: this can be considered as the site administrator after community moderators) in the group I regardless of other advertising, as long as don’t Shuabing.

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