Group purchase website development the road to victory

in 2012-2013 years, the number of sites such as the mushrooming growth. In the case of the international capital market is not optimistic, the group has experienced the expansion of the development of the site, but also faces a lot of difficulties, survival is the last winner. In this regard, there are well-known IT industry believes that can not be determined from the perspective of the industry to buy a group, need to have the right management model and direction of development, and finally can adhere to the winner.

China’s group buying industry has not yet reached the standard upgrade, according to the current market, O2O broad application market is not a small company can monopolize. Group buying is not a portal, it is not a video site, in the localization of services and manufacturers of Internet applications have not been met, the need for the correct release.

The success of the

O2O is not a few executives can be handled, but also from the future development of analysis. The market monopoly, an ecosystem animal may not only tigers and lions.

at present, the development trend of the domestic group buying site towards local services, because users and businesses in the vertical and regional areas can have a lot of demand. Currently buy site investment is very cautious, leading to the closure of most of the site situation. For some of the early development of enterprises too fast, too much shortage of funds, resulting in the company needs to lay off to survive. But many of the group purchase website still have the strength, the group purchase websites such as: meituan, Wo Wo Group, handle network etc..

why the profit of the group buying site is a small group buying site because the cost is low, familiar with the local business resources. Of course, there are many disadvantages of small group buying sites, such as little money, the Internet is not enough professional reference. In fact, only these lightweight buy site profit model is paid to support the liquidity.

buy site development and video sites have one thing in common, eliminate a number of poor strength, leaving the strength of the faction. The rational and healthy development of the market, to the U.S. mission network as a case study, the refinement of the operation can get great benefits, meituan never do other outdoor advertising, celebrity endorsements, and the service is doing very well. Only do a good job of the user experience of the site, in order to achieve permanent survival.

buy site for the future, I am very optimistic about. I believe that in the current business model, its disruptive businesses and users, has a dual role. Localization ads can be targeted for marketing, so that the latter can clearly understand e-commerce.

allows users to see substantial content, rather than the flying development of advertising, these are group purchase website, businesses must also usher in long-term customers, allowing users to see advertising initiative, is a strategy guide the group purchase website. This paper consists of: switch socket brand>

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