The title of the party’s self cultivation scientific principle behind the spread of viral content

how to get the amount of reading one hundred thousand, add 100 thousand potential consumers can be transformed to your brand? Someone else can do it, why do you do this? The secret lies in the scientific principle can fully understand the viral content behind.


for digital marketing and online content providers to create viral content is like a jumper. When a separate article can get 100 thousand reading, this is tantamount to adding to your brand of the potential for the transformation of 100 thousand consumers. Sounds may be Arabian Nights, but if others can do it, you can do the same. The key lies in the scientific principle is able to fully understand the viral content hidden behind.

sparks of fire can start a prairie fire,

first, let us look at the operation of the mechanism behind the viral spread. The first organized push the artificial hot content aside, most of the formation of viral content are independent factors for various, not what a fresh all day coup. Even those that have little to do with how your content is shared by readers may have a significant impact on the overall volume of the article.

let’s give an example. You share an article with 100 people, and after 4 hours, a total of about 5% of the people will share this article with the other 20, with about 5% of the people doing the same thing. 3 days later, the 1900 will see you. Well, now imagine that you have a more eye-catching title for this article, so that there are 100 people who would like to share in the 7, compared with the previous increase of 2% of the 5%.

you might guess that this small change will increase the number of views for your article, but you’re wrong. This seemingly insignificant change will make your article in 3 days after the visit reached an amazing amount of 150 thousand, compared with the previous increase of up to 7500%.

so we have to ask, what are the factors of achievement of viral spread of


makes people laugh, make people happy, surprising


people’s positive emotions is the key to share content. BuzzSumo recently analyzed 100 thousand articles that were widely shared on social media to find out what emotions they were causing. The results showed that in the widely circulated article, in the first row of trigger emotion is surprised (25%), followed by the laugh content (17%), ranked third are happy (15%) and pleasure (14%), which has four positive emotions accounted for 73% of the total. Negative emotion

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