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a few days ago shortly after the launch of the letter, my mailbox has received several institutions sent over the easy letter marketing courses. WOW! This is God like speed. Easy to believe that there are not a few friends already have marketing tutorials, it seems that the expectations of the letter is beyond my imagination. To the tutorial is very simple, in fact, WeChat is the course of change became easecredit marketing tutorial, no wonder that can quickly provide tutorial, I’ll borrow easecredit topic talk about easecredit.

easy to believe when it launched in 19, I will immediately download to try, which features a very simple chat only + circle of friends, the design of some NetEase news APP shadow, the buttons are hidden in the upper left corner. Friends do not like WeChat as a two-way attention system, but like micro-blog, one-way attention can send information and view each other’s circle of friends information. Easecredit is the biggest bright spot to send voice message, but I sent a voice message to a mobile number of friends, the other has not received, it seems that this function cannot cross network use, or peer intercept it. Interested parties can easily communicate with the letter I can add my letter liuzijun.

channel will become the second letter


in the market alone is never what good thing, join easecredit does make mobile IM market considerably. Because this product is NetEase and Telecom to launch, so was born with a golden key to the letter immediately to all on-line telecommunications Mini 300M traffic (only Telecom Card), and the monthly use of sending 60M traffic, can be said to the mother to the foot of the telecom easy to believe the child’s face. But speaking is easy to believe a lot of people will think that Mobile Fetion Fetion launched, play is the free text messaging services to attract users, but was also behind the operation in high and vigorous spirits, due to suck, let Fetion become a SMS assistant tool. But this easecredit operator is a NetEase, although the NetEase also made a tepid bubble, but also accumulated a lot of IM software operation ability, the NetEase and Telecommunications cooperation by many media industry prospects, have forwarded micro-blog help easecredit promotion. However, it is not easy to give the killer function, so that it can develop into a fan.

easy letter marketing

no fish ponds, fishing is a waste of life, the easy credit amount of users is still too small, don’t compare WeChat, m chat the contrast of tens of millions of users is not worth mentioning. Carter in August 23rd easecredit official release has 5 million users, the development momentum is very good, now easecredit or newborn baby, what restrictions are not, if the number of users reached a certain level, can indeed be a crazy marketing, of course, easy to believe the former generation of WeChat as a reference, believe that marketing will quickly make the appropriate adjustments, heard the next version easecredit will be a public platform, we’ll see.

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