One of the biggest trends in the future of C2C E commerce

flying think one of the biggest trends in the future of the Internet – C2C. why, say. Flying slowly and listen to the analysis of statements of a school. Welcome to abuse, criticism, entertainment. When it comes to C2C, have to mention e-commerce; mention e-commerce, will have to mention a person, that is ma. As the "hardcore fans" of e-commerce, Ma Yun’s career is based on e-commerce. Alibaba as one of the representatives of the world’s largest B2B platform. Subordinates have fierce competition in the C2C Taobao And recently appeared in front of everyone in the Taobao B2C platform In addition to the legendary C2B, basically Alibaba group has the trend of Ma repeatedly referred to the future of the Internet’s largest e-commerce in four modes, the best third.

why Ma so agree with e-commerce. Largely thanks to Ma’s deep understanding of the internet. And I think C2C is one of the biggest trends in the future of the internet. One of the biggest reasons for Ma’s recognition of the idea. Like many people, I admire ma. Not only because he is a winner. Think more of him as a creator. Well, not much to say. We talked about the point. Why do I think the Internet is one of the biggest trends in the future, C2C?. At present, China’s Internet giant three. Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu. These are purely personal preferences. They represent e-commerce, instant messaging, search engines, and so on. And they are also in their own areas to do the most powerful position in China, I believe this is understandable.

Alibaba’s recently launched B2C platform, to fly seems to flow, relying on the advantages of is huge, the profit is not optimistic C2C maintained, adhere to the spring; secondly, Ali’s business is to expand e-commerce, will play to the extreme. At present, relatively speaking B2C profit model is actually very simple. Alibaba how to look at other people eat such a big cake. Three, B2B has done relatively well, I B2C into the bag, the ultimate goal is that C2C why?. Tencent and needless to say, is the same as the C2C mode of the pat Network, although in front of the predecessors, more sentimental. However, relying on its powerful advantages of instant communication users, in the latest version of QQ upgrade, including some time ago Tencent portal home website. The importance of pat is obvious. This series of subtle moves, people can not think of, for the C2C market, Tencent’s attention. The portal strategy at this time to adjust, in addition to snatch the Olympic business opportunities, the greater the possibility is that so many years of accumulation of Tencent user traffic, better service for Tencent. Moreover, the Tencent has been for many years the daughter of a humble family. Now in order to grow into a great lady, who can stop. The importance of the brand image of the enterprise

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