Electricity supplier website through free marketing to marketing

      in our daily life, free of charge for the people is the best thing but, especially when some activities are free to give users, such as business activities to send free products, the supermarket has opened free fruit, free bath bath hall opened so, these free things can let users bring them later consumption. Of course, everyone love free stuff, some people also love to share free things to friends and relatives, there will be a lot of people know these things free, this can also be seen from the free stuff is very popular, but also to promote marketing through free.

said that, in fact, this is a free marketing strategy, marketing strategy what is free? "Is to provide free products or resources to users in the form of a marketing way to get users or traffic. Then, with the rapid development of the Internet, free marketing has become a variety of enterprise is the mainstream marketing, many enterprises are free through marketing for enterprises to bring order, bring traffic and potential customers for the web site. Of course, there is no free lunch, free marketing is not really free, free in order to lay the foundation on earnings, first obtain users with free stuff, and then make it back in other places. So, this is a very durable free marketing tools.

recently I was in the charge of a traditional glasses industry website, in order to obtain certain flow and potential customers as well as post consumption, the author through the free strategy to do marketing, before did not dare to do network marketing, marketing strategy is free later because the SEO diagnostic service in A5 webmaster net for them the recommendations made after a period of time to find free I marketing strategy is very good. Therefore, the author today to give you free exchange of marketing strategy, hoping to help some want to do this traditional electricity supplier website.

free purpose and strategy

no matter what type of marketing, in fact, there is a purpose and strategy, so I think in the eyes of the free purpose and strategy, can be divided into these categories:

early free: first through free products, resources, services, etc. to attract users. It is important to note that although we are free, but also pay attention to products, resources, quality of service, even if it is free, but if the quality is very bad, also not favored by the users, even cause the user antipathy.

membership: simple free products are not our main purpose, to provide free online, and a large number of high-quality products at the same time, to guide the user to become our member, or to obtain user information.

care guide: when the user has become our members, should also be appropriate for the user to do some care and guidance to enhance the user’s goodwill and loyalty to us, and even become loyal members.


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