Sina micro blog v micro blog user data capture Momo illegal claims ten million yuan

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micro-blog v. Momo claims ten million yuan

Beijing morning news (reporter Huang Xiaoyu) due to illegal grab Sina micro-blog software that own user data, while Sina micro-blog malicious plagiarism product design, the Sina group Beijing micro dream Techtronic Network Technology Co., Ltd. on the grounds of unfair competition, limited company sued to court Beijing e-shop.if world science and technology development of Beijing e-shop.if Technology World Limited company, will be responsible for the operation of the software portal vein, request the court to order the two defendants to stop the infringement, published a statement to eliminate the effects of compensation for economic losses and rights fees totaling 10 million 300 thousand yuan. Yesterday afternoon, the case in Haidian court hearing.


believes that the two defendants to circumvent its open interface, a large number of illegal grab micro-blog platform user data, malicious plagiarism "Sina micro-blog" product design content, micro dream company reputation slander, illegal profits, damage the legitimate rights and interests of the micro dream company, constitute unfair competition. In this regard, the defendant argued that micro-blog did not bypass the open interface sina. "We do not agree with the plaintiff’s claim."

yesterday in the trial, micro-blog R & D manager Lee and Computer Department of Tsinghua University teacher Ma respectively as the micro-blog and the tenderness of the expert assistant asked to accept each other, then the court adjourned, will choose to continue hearing the case.

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