Shang Shang tea industry caught the long tail of e commerce

2008, shanguo drink tea art in just two years time, the development of a chain of more than and 200 stores in the country, products are exported to dozens of countries in Africa, Canada, Australia, Japan, set up their own unique mountain tea brand.

near the end of the year, shanguo drink art and frequently become the focus of media attention, and shanguo together debut as well as its founder is the guest tea nets ( – the electronic commerce website has received the first round of financing, in 2009 sales revenue will exceed $500W. It is the guest tea nets can in many talent shows itself in e-commerce website, mainly because they caught the electronic commerce of the "long tail" – to provide online purchasing platform for small suppliers and buyers of small, micro ecological tea is the guest in the local area network has changed the retail industry, analysts say, and Baidu has ah may not be able to help those engaged in tea business success, it is still guest tea nets can provide procurement platform for their business……

The pace of development of the Internet industry is

later, especially in recent years, China Internet has changed turn the world upside down. Sina, Sohu and NetEase 3 portals have entered a stable growth period, the quarterly net profit of tens of millions of dollars. Before and after 2001, and the sound of the network is quite prominent, with the electronic commerce in the field of Alibaba network, has become the world’s largest e-commerce site, the market value of tens of billions of dollars. Ctrip, Shanda, Baidu and a large number of new business models of Internet companies have grown into the spotlight star. Facing the 2008 Internet enterprise market environment, and 2002 cannot be mention in the same breath, the world financial crisis, the NASDAQ Chinese stocks plummeted, China export situation is very serious, in this context, it is the guest tea nets into the field of electronic commerce, it is facing more challenge and pressure.

in the face of these events, sumcl tea CEO Wang Fengshou and not to regard it as right. In fact, in the hill country the first few years, Wang Fengshou had gathered a small team of more than and 10 people. Its still guest tea nets. In spite of all e-commerce sites, it is the guest tea nets business model is very different from the ordinary shopping network, network and Alibaba are also very different, it is the guest tea nets is not only the small and medium-sized enterprise procurement platform, and through the national channels, to create barrier free fast channel manufacturers and sales terminal.

is still off tea net clear business model and capable elite entrepreneurial team attracted the attention of venture capital, the company has got

VC’s first round of financing, business growth is also very alarming, 2009 sales are expected to exceed $500W, is another big future shopping platform.

Wang Fengshou believes that the world is flat, coupled with the continuous improvement of information technology and logistics supply chain, and the timing of communication between small and medium enterprises and small buyers mature.

The positioning of the

site is accurate, but for Wang Fengshou, the challenge he has just begun.

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