How BLOG attracts so many readers

      1 Pages: why start from the page to say, because the page is the first impression of visitors, is a visual experience, so the blog interface must be clean and refreshing. Personally, if your BLOG is just beginning to develop, just don’t add ads on blog, especially the kind of floating, it will let visitors off. Secondly, to consider the text of the article in the BLOG and the visual effects of the image, so that they and the background color of the page, so that the reader looks more comfortable eyes, rather than very difficult. With this in mind, I think your BLOG already has a foundation for visitors to visit again.

      2.BLOG name and domain name: do BLOG and do the same as other sites is the face of the team’s readers and should not face the team itself. A good name and domain name can make the reader more impressive, especially in other people’s friendship connection can make your BLOG stand out, so that readers can click. It can be said that readers can remember for a long time, but they should also be able to have a certain period of time. Personally, I’m sick of BLOG like skif’blog with the name ID’blog, especially the ID. Because he is not for visitors, but for their own. Others will not waste their brains to remember these hard to remember strings.

      3 propaganda: as the saying goes, wine is also afraid of deep alley, to make your BLOG into the major search engines, more links, more publicity in the forum, so it is not bad.

      4 content: content is the life of any website, BLOG is no exception. If your BLOG is only 10 or 20 articles, I think in any case will not let visitors visit again, because he was browsing once has no need for the next, so BLOG content must be rich, even from other places or the copy. The second is to update, BLOG, adhere to the development is the hard truth, not three days of fishing, two days of drying, keep update, even a day increase of one or two articles or to let visitors understand that your BLOG is in the development momentum, and not engage in, are you willing to go to a adult last month do not update the BLOG, I don’t think so! Furthermore, it was important to set the column, BLOG column, note, do not do too much like the whole, engage and portals, such columns do not say how much difficult to update, content, multi column will likely complex, visitors have seen in other places, they may see the title of the whole page closed. Personally feel that personal BLOG column in the best 7, within 8, not more than 10. Column set to have a certain degree of professionalism, there are two to three main columns. I think it is necessary to set up a casual column, which will enable the reader to read the

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