Entrepreneurship from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 10

Abstract: at present, many start-up companies in the market is the plight of excessive rendering of the so-called successful projects will start their own positioning errors, it is only 1 of the project must be positioned to achieve 10, this is the inherent paradox of entrepreneurial environment Chinese.


in the capital during the bubble, a large amount of money is to bet on each item of every hue, investors and entrepreneurs have their own logic, but the core is the same, hope that their project is not only unprecedented, innovation but also monopoly market in the rapid expand. But it is also forced ripening of capital lead to a large number of false needs, produce false innovation too much. Most of the time, in China, this huge market, from 0 to 1 is not difficult, all kinds of wonderful demand may be a misconception that this is a huge market. And really help the formation of the core of the market is how to judge from 1 to 10, only truly from the company’s value of 1 to 10 in order to create value, it is meaningful to the capital market innovation.

innovation itself is a very difficult thing, and sometimes it is difficult to infer the success or failure of the current market. However, to determine whether a product or service to follow the market trend in the future, the core driving force still need to understand the market changes, and this is based on the current situation and needs of knowledge (Common Sense), by considering all the factors to the logical inference. Here, we must distinguish between common sense (Common Sense) and conventional knowledge (General Knowledge). Common sense refers to the historical development of the human society and the general knowledge, and the general knowledge of a person in the community must have the basic knowledge. The biggest difference is that with the passage of time, conventional knowledge is constantly change, and common sense are old.

so, for innovation, understanding and cognition is fundamental, only from the common sense of it may not be the market come Xiao kidnapped, lost the ability to think independently. Whether it is technological innovation or business model innovation, it is impossible to completely change from the mother completely. Compared with the huge market, a small change has been very impressive. For example, although electricity supplier development is very rapid, but compared with the traditional business, still did not occupy the main market, but no one can deny that the electricity supplier to the development of the market change, also spawned a huge market opportunity. But in 2000, most of the electricity supplier companies have failed, this is mainly because when large-scale electricity providers to carry out the condition is still very lack, either offline or online payment system of the logistics are unable to support. Therefore, to understand the market trend is on the one hand, recognize the product positioning and service capabilities on the other hand. Demand is strong, if the supply has been unable to meet, such a model is still difficult to obtain development.

therefore, the difficulty from 1 to 10 is not only

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