Old white SEO talk about the use of QQ group marketing promotion

said Tencent QQ registered users has exceeded six hundred million, but also the birth of many kinds of QQ group. Huge QQ group is a good place to promote the network. I believe many Wangzhuan SEO get a lot of benefits from the QQ group. Here is how I use QQ group to conduct network marketing.

first thing from 2009 start, the company is located is not remote, what place to go, and then do the "network marketing Essentials:" how to become the old white SEO network to promote the master "experience sharing site" to pass the time, after doing the site is to do traffic, often see QQ advertising information all kinds of hair, I put my own website with a few words of attractive advertisements everywhere to QQ friends and send a variety of QQ group. After all is made by hand to send the efficiency is not high, to the flow of every day is not much, very few. Due to the number of times to send, but also often be kicked out of the QQ group administrator.

I want to send this manual is not a good way, you can find a software to cluster? I use the software group added more than 1 thousand and the Hainan tourism related QQ number, start my Wangzhuan trip. First I edit the mass information, write back some more attractive topic on my website, move the software mass button, like those information from a gun to a shell as a QQ to go. The last 2010 creative advertising a mid autumn festival also gains a lot! There is a renewed old white light ~~


The next

like this every day, every time a group of mass dozens of News advertising information, and automatically add the QQ group to expand advertising. Use the software to travel in Hainan, Hainan, Hainan, Hainan. The hotel and air tickets in Hainan tourism on QQ group are collected into a notepad, a total of more than 2 thousand QQ group.

I re apply for five QQ numbers, the use of this software to the five QQ group with information every day, with twenty days the QQ group is added to me the five QQ number. Get rid of some people and some of the group refused to join the group, a total of more than 1 thousand joined the QQ group number, the average QQ number in nearly two hundred groups.

as long as the business of natural high quality and inexpensive things, thriving "old white people wish family harmony, Business Flourishes!" "Hainan hotel rooms first station www.p125.net" now every day there are a lot of business door. After this practice, I realized that no matter how Tencent upgrade, as long as you are willing to understand the brain to find a way to be able to find a good way to avoid shielding Tencent. Method is more difficult than the


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