Brief discussion on the development experience of personal webmaster Taobao

contact Taobao customer is at 10 years, did not know what is the use of this I only know that I use this search I want to buy a rebate, you can save money, so I have been in use, the initial idea is to build a website, the goods are placed on the go, let everyone through my website to buy Taobao so I’ll earn money, there is no basis for the establishment of what all don’t understand, finally also cheated 500 yuan of money, I give up, I always wanted to do a Taobao customer website, finally after a year I began to operate Taobao customers, finally set up my Taobao guest website. But this time I do not just shopping guide website also covers the rebate! Let me introduce my site is how to development and operation.

page optimization techniques: page optimization skills? As long as there is not a flow can be profitable?. Sometimes, even if your traffic is very directional, but still won’t get commission. Because you can not keep visitors, can not grasp the user’s psychology. Many users are very picky, came to the site to see the left. So many webmaster use jump, try to reduce the time to stay in their own website, this is a very good method, but one thing, this will be the search engine punishment. This jump does not SEO how long term optimization characteristics. Therefore, as far as possible to focus on their own site, after a simple look at the user, you can quickly go shopping on Taobao.

start with the brand, in order to optimize a brand and develop their own.

I cite a simple example, now many people do "Taobao" and " women’s autumn" and so on, which brings women’s autumn "traffic every day tens of thousands of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of peaks. New Adsense look jealous, I want a piece, he will own the words of new guest program plus " women’s autumn", in fact, these words in vain, even that is equal to the rank on the first page of the silent service for the keywords, because of the numerous " women’s autumn" word in the network, is in the word increase with the increase of weight, the weight of words, is undoubtedly the users in the input when the faster " women’s autumn" word, let users click on the search results, would like to know is what? Are you? The answer is definitely No. While digging a brand, not many people do, and Taobao online and the product, and whether this product is now online hot is not hot, you should treasure, and ultimately determine the generation of the word when you feel that the most worthwhile, then you will succeed more than 80%.

SEO means a single strong

finally and you chatter about the SEO method, the commonly used SEO means everyone for having heard it many times, here I will not display slight skill before an expert. And we say that the only way is to find some high weight forum, and then do the signature, such as edu, gov class forum, such as Baidu post bar, question and answer type can be. The purpose is to let the spider

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