From the master of beef noodle seasoning bag on the user experience

has been so busy recently that he often gets home at around 7 in the evening. Yesterday is a miserable 9 p.m. in Wuchang, a corporate client where busy at home are more than 10 points. Back today yesterday is relatively early, home picked up a few days ago from the wife Wanda bought a bucket of thhc beef noodles (has been for many years did not eat this…… ), he tore open the package cover, now found inside the package "seasoning beef" was much bigger than before (should be considered before beef…… ). While the face is still in the bubble, I immediately opened a blog I have not written for a long time, what I want to say here……


of the user experience!! no matter "instant noodles" before so many years in how to do, I feel, before the beef is the end shape, at least not called "block", and now the master of the beef noodle soup seasoning bag has become a "block". Although the block is not large, but at least gave me a further evaluation of this product. "Master" is constantly doing fine user experience improvement.

360 chief user experience officer Zhou Hongyi once in the UPA user experience conference speech, referring to the user experience must be able to personally feel the user, in order to call the user experience. From this I think of the current medical industry……

today’s health care industry, the price war, that war, war experts, brand war, all bombarded flow and so on to tell the truth, there is no so-called user experience. You want to attract customers, you must first know what the customer needs, care, and then with the characteristics of their products targeted to show to customers. And even now the medical industry to use the price war, so a certain disease 199 yuan, Medicare designated, the first XXX, etc……. Even if the customer because of your cheap, where you do the treatment, but because before subsequent surcharge other N lead with advertising prices seriously do not meet, you think about what the result will be


some hospitals, from the beginning of the door, service attitude is very bad, not to mention how high charges. Network marketing is about the demand and customer trust, trust you, through the network channels to you here, the needs of customers in your here has been resolved, but in the end you have for your original commitment can not be achieved, so please, if you, you will think that this is a liar in the hospital? The hospital will do a good job of


maybe I said too seriously, after all, the medical industry is a profiteering industry, a lot of non public type hospitals are using this method to attract patients, there are few non public hospitals do transparent charging. Maybe this is the unspoken rules.

anyway, as long as you can on the basis of the further, and can give customers good sense of +1, and is able to truly feel or experience, this is the user experience improvement! On the other hand, always make a fuss over a few cover above, so that enterprises in the network marketing on permanent.

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