U S social networking site Quora financing 50 million valuation of 400 million

Beijing time on May 15th morning news, the founder of the U.S. social networking site Quora confirmed that the company completed a $400 million valuation of $50 million B round of financing.

rumors about the financing of Quora last month has spread, but the founder of the company for the first time confirmed the news. Earlier rumors that this round of financing will be led by the KPCB investment, but eventually led has become Facebook director Peter · Purcell (Peter Thiel). In addition, Matrix Josh · (Josh Hannah); Hana and Jonathan of Northbridge · harig (Jonathan Heiliger) also participated in the investment.

According to informed sources, Quora co-founder Adam · (

) Angelo (Adam D) also from $20 million to participate in the current round of financing $. Purcell personally participate in the investment, does not mean that he worked in Founders Fund. DAngelo on the capital Purcell said: "he brings a lot of value for Facebook, but also a great help to us in the past. He understands this kind of company."

Wikihow co-founder Hannah will also bring more value to Quora, he has an in-depth understanding of the question and answer field through investment in WikiHow and eHow. Hannah said that the decline of traditional Q & a site because it is too much to meet the search engine, and Quora’s long-term vision is to create a high quality platform, so that it is different from competitors.

DAngelo said he will use the latest financing to expand the size of the company, focusing on long-term development, and the formation of excellent team.

according to market research firm AppData data, Quora through Facebook Connect universal login service to attract 20 thousand day active users, monthly active users of up to 180 thousand people. Although Quora has never announced the number of specific users, but the industry believes that the proportion of Facebook Connect in which a small. DAngelo said: Quora is growing every week, with the expansion of the scale, there will be more and more people use our platform to share their stories." (Yu


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