The development mode of the website the survival of the fittest

07 years, the Internet is really colorful, Microsoft invested $240 million acquisition of the second largest U.S. social networking site Facebook1.6% shares, the market value soared to $15 billion Facebook, with Facebook value rising, Web2.0 heat gradually lifted, not to look good in imitation of the domestic Internet industry, the campus network Facebook in appearance: thinking and learn with an air of importance but whether it can be combined with Chinese, perfect the market is unknown, the campus network extends to the strategy of high school and white-collar class on campus is a blessing or a curse? "And Wang Xinghai network from school to home, preparing" loud slogans for graduation, whether rang Xiaonei military instability all in all, jittery, showed that the website development model: the survival of the fittest, copy the successful foreign website development mode in China is not as Power equate.

and Alibaba in Hongkong successfully listed in the domestic Internet industry more restless, especially for the B2B industry is a huge impact, whether or not to copy the successful model of domestic in the domestic market environment can be successful

?The development of the website

model must adapt to the market environment is to succeed, this can refer to on-line in September of this year China Yiwu Commodity City, the different sites and Alibaba is characterized in that at the beginning of the establishment of Yiwu international trade city has solid market support, and has more than 50 thousand of the mature supplier customer groups, and focus on small commodity industry, specializing in online small commodity wholesale market, in the process of the site analysis, can see the commodity industry B2B website, currently only stay in the small commodity release platform products and supply and demand information, e-commerce platform and Alibaba this mature there is a big gap in function. There is no perfect payment system and credit evaluation system, but this is due to the market environment, Alibaba User groups are mostly there is a certain network marketing consciousness of the enterprise, they to carry out network marketing, online payment has a high acceptance ability and application ability, while the Yiwu small commodity city net customer group is concentrated in the commodity field of small and medium enterprises, where there is a large family workshop developed with the transformation of. A strong local flavor, so the whole of the online market and intangible network marketing consciousness is far better than the Alibaba user groups, they even upload pictures of products products, product description and other basic operations are not proficient in network, the concept is very vague, this time to launch the perfect business platform it will hinder the website user experience also, the online payment and other functions have the worry even skeptical, grasp the characteristics of the network of small commodities market, Using a suitable development mode, cultivate and guide the user in the early on, lay a solid foundation for the development of quality, customer groups and the network application level determines the level of commodity net current development strategy and ideas in the early stage of customer training, improve the level of customer, the development strategy will also be accordingly the adjustment of the website "

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