A backdoor listing is completed the shell company will be renamed Zhao Wei or behind the winner

brokers generally believe that tact will achieve backdoor listing after the completion of the share price rose, or rose as high as several times.

September 20th, dowin tonight announcement, given the company’s implementation of major asset restructuring, a Day Day Express Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, changed the company’s main business. In order to meet the development needs of the company, the company intends to change its name to the company Chinese Yuantong express Limited by Share Ltd, YTO Express Group English to change its name to Co. Ltd., the company changed the securities referred to as Yuantong express. At present, the administrative department for Industry and commerce also needs approval.

13 this month, its suits received China Securities Regulatory Commission "on the approval of the Dalian Limited by Share Ltd dowin major asset restructuring and to Shanghai Yuantong Dragon Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd. issued shares to buy assets and raise matching funds approved". This means that a backdoor listing has been formally approved by the SFC, the Yuantong express management will complete the final white.

also announced to enter its suits, meet the development needs of the company, its suits intends to change of business scope: domestic and international express delivery, logistics, domestic air transport agents, warehousing services, car rental services, supply chain business.

in view of the company’s main business, business philosophy, operation mode and development strategy of major changes, in order to adapt to the major asset reorganization of the company operation, Dayang creation board nominated Yuantong Express chairman Yu Huijiao, Yuantong Express director Zhang Xiaojuan, vice president Yu Zhixian, Yuantong express, Yuantong Express vice president Zhang Yizhong, the rookie network CEO Tong Wenhong, Yunfeng new director Pan major for the ninth session of the board of directors of non independent director candidates.

backdoor after the completion of the market value or rose


Yuantong backdoor listing, Ali support. Ali and Yunfeng new venture to Yuantong express a total investment of 2 billion 520 million yuan. Before the announcement, the backdoor listing, Ali Yuantong Express venture holds 12% stake, Yunfeng holds 8% stake in the new Yuantong express.

after the completion of the transaction, the total share capital will dowin sharply increased to 2 billion 821 million shares, the dragon group stake of 51.18%, as the first major shareholder. Ali, Yunfeng new venture capital holdings were diluted to 11.09% and 6.43%, which means that Ma Yun Ali holding a total of more than 17.5% firmly occupy the position of major shareholders Yuantong second.

with tact and rookie network business to have a synergistic effect, so Ali by rookie network CEO as a representative of Hong Tong became Yuantong express board.

as one of Yunfeng new shareholders, Zhao Wei had invested 75 million yuan, holding 2.4422%, is expected to Yuantong after the listing, Zhao Wei’s investment is expected to achieve a rose.

It is reported that

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