Domain name business point eat and drink the current web applications

in daily life. "This thing, the idle away in seeking pleasure" entertainment sites, recreational facilities, are the "fun" opportunities, but, you know? "And" in the case of less indispensable things in daily life, it also has great opportunities, these two things in the relevant domain name eat and drink of the domain name, have been registered, or holding or trading or application, and impressive. domain name word kiwi fruit


in November the most popular event is Baidu’s independent video Qiyi network to replace the domain name of a thing, because the video licence, Qiyi network will have to temporarily abandon the domain name, the domain name will be replaced with, saying the domain name originally Cai Wensheng holds an angel investor, hand holding "eat" (fruit) apple the domain name, the word "Kiwi" Pinyin domain, domain names registered in 2002.

Tudou not eat potatoes now to "potatoes" in the domestic video industry started eating, potatoes also occupy a share, the domain name is also "eat" products, the domain name into the name is quite a lot of experience, in 2005, Wang Wei established a website, opened the domain name (more creative department good note), then the domain name has been the site of potatoes, the owner of the domain name, post sale, was able to buy, by virtue of the domestic well-known food "potatoes" and establish a brand, however, and other "potato" domain name is still on the folk.

video field eating popcorn


domestic video industry seems to prefer the video industry, also won the popcorn net to remember three spell domain name, this website earlier called, is not easy to user memory and access, but the popcorn net under the foot, the acquisition of domain name, domain name by the characteristics of food intended to, domain name change website.

mango TV fruit creative domain name


in addition to the odd Arts fruit domain name should be >

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