You are the net contrarian financing of 5 million

near the end of the year, the global real economy by the financial crisis is becoming more and more obvious. Companies have canceled or delayed investment plans, pay close attention to the control of their own cash flow situation; investment institutions also slow down the pace of investment, pay more attention to their portfolio. But you are the net was declared the winner of the second round of financing, venture capital funds in Asia Heiner joint Lenovo to invest $5 million Univision network.

you are for Shenzhen cubs Digital Technology Co., the company’s website, mainly dedicated to the Internet sales channel, personalized products. In the network, people can put their favorite pictures, their own design of a certain shape, through a variety of goods as a carrier to show. The ultimate goal is to guide and meet the consumer’s expectations and consumption of personalized products, so that life is more colorful, full of quality. Up to now, there are more than 100 thousand people visit every day, the network has become the country’s largest personalized customized creative platform, personalized gift shopping mall.

leisurely network chairman Luo Zhaohang told reporters: you are engaged in the network is essentially a consumer service industry, the Internet is just a channel to achieve sales. You are the product of the network is personalized products, different from the standardized consumer goods. Line of consumer goods is the product of the channel, and online consumer goods due to the lack of fixed costs such as rent, but also more important is the size of the product sales, and the price competition is the expansion of the scale of sales means. Standardization of consumer goods due to differences in small, had to take low-cost competitive strategy, so its gross margin is generally low, around 15%. The personalized goods, due to the higher value added, consumers are willing to pay a higher price, so its gross profit is higher than the standardization of goods, which jumped out of the vicious competition vicious circle. At the same time, from the perspective of demand, the demand for personalized goods is a long tail. Because of the high fixed cost of the commodity, the development of the commodity is restricted. The Internet with a low cost of the long end of the demand for personalized goods, while improving the means of payment and logistics conditions, the need to be excavated.

Heiner Asian venture capital fund investment manager Li Xueming told reporters: Heiner firmly optimistic about the long-term fund Chinese consumer industries, in China economy over the past 10 years of rapid economic growth process, the growth of GDP mainly rely on investment and exports. The outbreak of the financial crisis proves that this model is not sustainable. At present, China’s household consumption accounts for only 1 / less than GDP, while in the United States, the consumption accounted for GDP / 3 /. The state also noted the importance of the consumer industry, the quality of economic growth and sustainable, we believe that the relevant policies to stimulate consumption will be gradually introduced, the effects of these policies will be lasting, will guide the consumer industry accounting for gradual improvement. We believe that consumer upgrades will not stop because of the recession. From an investment point of view, the recession has provided a good opportunity to buy good companies. Heiner fund will increase in the consumer industry investment in 2009.


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