360 the case of unfair competition between Baidu and the other parties in the lawsuit against each o


360 Baidu case of unfair competition in the case of both parties in the lawsuit against each other

June 18th news, today, 360 Baidu two companies tell each other of unfair competition case, two case in the Beijing first intermediate people’s court sentenced on the same day, both sides lost in the other proceedings, Baidu was sentenced to pay 600 thousand yuan, 360 were sentenced to pay 500 thousand yuan.

360, Baidu placed eye-catching title prominently in its, entice users to click on the link and read the distortion of the facts and confuse the public articles, to discredit the 360 companies, serious damage to competitors business reputation and product reputation.

court found that Baidu 360 constitute unfair competition, ordered to immediately stop acts of unfair competition against 360, to eliminate the effects of compensation for economic loss of 600 thousand yuan.

Baidu claimed that 360 security guards in a variety of ways to prevent users from setting hao123 to the browser home page, for example, when the user settings for the browser home page hao123, 360 security guards will be frequent popups to intimidate the user, and the user will induce 360 security web site navigation set home and lock. In addition, the 360 security guards will be through physical examination and a key recovery approach to interfere with the user’s normal choice.


on the grounds of unfair competition to the Qihoo 360 to court to stop infringement, 360.

court ruled that 360 companies in violation of the unfair competition law, and the abuse of trust in the security software users, the need to immediately stop acts of unfair competition, compensation for economic losses and related expenses Baidu total cost of 500 thousand yuan. (red)

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