Daily topic the emergence of a new generation of micro groups about gun artifact Unfamiliar Street o

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) May 7th news, recently by the Tencent team to create a social networking tool based on LBS mode micro group has been on the line.

micro group, is an interest in the core, based on the nearby group of social applications. Users can create or join a group, a group of interest nearby, like music, sports, and city tour pal and pet theme exchange group, and can thus find like-minded friends around. Micro group support QQ account and WeChat account login.

master from the micro group and unfamiliar street

see micro group introduced in my mind first flashed in unfamiliar street figure, felt like the same! Is LBS mode based social networking tools, regardless of location is not limited as long as you are willing to find like-minded friends. Do micro groups also have to grab the job of unfamiliar street do you want to launch the year when the people near the time, unfamiliar street is distressed for a while!


support QQ account with WeChat account to listen to know, this has to have a large number of users. This is the same as the year of WeChat, and unfamiliar street has now been crowned on the cannon artifact, the title of the interest of the micro group can stay away from porn this one? Go away can not turn over the body!

both Sheng Yu Sheng Liang micro group and


had to say that the function of micro groups and QQ group is basically the same. Or it can be said that the micro group is separated from the QQ group QQ just changed a name. Just do not understand why the layout of Tencent, in order to make up for the mobile terminal interested in social short board


although Tencent has WeChat, QQ, but look at these two we can find that, although most of the features have been covered, but it seems that only the lack of interest in social. We are here to see now, unfamiliar street which is not a major interest in social, which for the Tencent must not lag behind!

of course now no matter what is too early, whether he will go or not, or whether the unfamiliar street will have much impact can only wait for the observation of


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