Yu Yongfu fear of non internet

lead: to make cross-border business must have Internet and non Internet two genes at the same time. Internet companies to solve the problem is how to enter the real economy, rather than Internet companies to think about how the internet.



| Yu Yongfu

talked with you before the cross-border topic, today to add a point of view. Just past 2014, the "dream" of the word reached a peak in the media, many of the traditional business, coupled with the "Internet" this attribute, such as "Internet mobile phone" Internet car "Internet catering" and so on, you can be multiplied by 10 times the market value of.

Internet opened a door to break the information asymmetry in space and time, behind the door of the non internet industry has emerged. At this time we seem to see the new blue ocean, I think the opportunity is huge. Because everyone in the Red Sea competition in the Internet, has been ravaged for many years, it is easy to have a breathable place, want to go in. While traditional industry people look at how the Internet? Said these people is "great scourges, unruly, mobile phone and television do not make money.

it is at this point in time, I think more should remain calm, think about what we lack of internet.

actually, if you can stand in another perspective on cross-border business, you will find the situation is not the same. Here are three examples. First company, Alibaba. Alibaba in 2014 to create the largest market capitalization of China’s listed companies record, the city dream rate to play the word to the extreme. The company’s main business of electronic commerce, is actually "electronic" and "business", "power" or "the end" important? If it is "electricity", why Baidu, Tencent in the field of electronic business is not successful


for example – millet. In the field of Internet phones, in fact, BAT, including 360, have done the phone, their Internet is weaker than millet it?. Millet was able to kill out, I think the core lies in their understanding of the phone than other Internet companies to be more profound.

in fact, although millet and Ali are starting from the Internet, but the ultimate breakthrough in the core competencies are in the non internet. So today we face huge cross-border opportunities, should think the Internet will become a standard, become an attributive rather than subject. Like more than and 10 years ago in the enterprise, typing or a career, but now this ability has been very general, no longer become the core competitiveness. The future of the Internet in all walks of life after the thorough popularity, the real core battlefield will be transferred to the non internet field.

of course, this is not to say that the Internet is not important thinking. On the contrary, to make cross-border business must have Internet and non Internet two genes. Internet companies to solve the problem is how to enter the real

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