Chongqing’s first street level news website Geleshan network opened yesterday

                network owners news the morning of April 3rd, the city’s first street town level news website "Geleshan net", held a grand opening ceremony in Geleshan town of Shapingba district. This site will show the essence of Geleshan town in the political, economic, natural and cultural aspects of Anti Japanese war.


According to

, Geleshan has a wealth of tourism, human history, cultural resources of the war of resistance. After the investigation and research, Geleshan town Party committee, the government decided to rely on the Chongqing daily newspaper group, Hualong news network powerful information platform, the establishment of Geleshan town official news website, through the network of powerful influence to the whole country and the whole world is recommended in the town of Geleshan tourism resources and cultural history of the war.

Song Town official said, "Geleshan network" opened, marking the Geleshan town has from the mountain to the world, through the network to the whole country and the whole world dissemination of information, help to build Geleshan unique tourism resources. In the future, the town government will combine the site culture, vigorously implement the "tourism town" strategy, launched the online culture war Tour "," Villaggio Boutique Hotel Tour "," old-age leisure tour "," agricultural experience tour "," campus tour "and other activities, to provide fast and convenient information platform for the public.

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