CPPCC Standing Committee Ge Jianxiong the state should foster e commerce industry

"a treasure recently bought my house (the robot cleaner), online shopping, I feel very good. This kind of product is needed by the old, but many people don’t know it." Have online shopping experience, thus, the CPPCC Standing Committee, director of Fudan University library, Institute of Historical Geography Tutor, Shanghai municipal government counselor Ge Jianxiong recently turned from the previous education field is extended to the field of electronic commerce.

China is now beginning to have a little taste of the Internet, Internet users are growing, the popularity of the network better and better. Chinese did not catch up with the industrial revolution, the computer age is also backward, but in Internet applications, but because the whole world have a brilliant future, almost in a line.

it is understood that e-commerce as one of the representatives of the new economy, is increasingly showing its vitality and vigorous vitality. As a Alibaba, Taobao as the representative of the electronic commerce service industry has accumulated some experience in the promotion of entrepreneurship can be extended, the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, promote corporate restructuring, the establishment of new enterprise credit evaluation system, logistics, the third party payment and so on, and walk in the forefront of the world’s electronic commerce.

according to Taobao data show that in 2010 Taobao registered users reached 370 million, the number of online goods reached up to 800 million, up to the time of the day, 60 million people visit Taobao, an average of about $48 thousand per minute to sell goods. At the same time, Taobao mall as the representative of B2C business transactions in 2010 turned 4 times in the next few years will continue to maintain this growth rate.

Ge Jianxiong believes that as a major application of the Internet, with the people’s lives are closely related to e-commerce, the promotion of two points worthy of social concern. One is good faith, one is the primary stage of the government appropriate support.

he said that the government’s support has several layers of meaning. First of all, the appropriate support, is to ensure that we and the international business opportunities for equal competition, in this round of economic competition in order to achieve the advantage of backwardness.

can not say that so many foreign concessions, but very few of us, let them come in we can not go out. The above countries to give our state-owned private enterprises favorable support, not too much concessions, so that foreign monopolies in our market, this is not good."

In addition,

can use the form of "special zone", when the "special zone" is not "special", the economy developed.

policy to have a certain feasibility, but also a legal basis. This is the same as the ‘special zone’. When the SAR development, we should have to enjoy the policy, China does not, so to engage in a special zone. We all have, it is not surprising."

"now China’s e-commerce is part of the principle that should be widely implemented, our country has not done, this is what we want to do. In this case, you open properly, I think it is possible."

then, the state gives the network industry certain support in the primary stage

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