QQ space marketing attention scale to prevent QQ freeze


in public, marketing and marketing circle of friends, QQ space is still of great value to marketing. The number of public marketing are likely to be at risk of malicious complaints, and fans are easily lost, the circle of friends marketing in full screen advertising bombing, now only a little. QQ space marketing is still in the time of the loss of light. However, we must pay attention to the scale method for QQ space marketing, to prevent the QQ is permanently frozen, QQ space marketing achievements be destroyed on one day.

before I write down, I’d like to make a statement, although one of my QQ is permanently frozen. But in general, the QQ account is frozen is not a frequent occurrence, it can be said that it is not easy to be frozen. My QQ has been frozen because of carelessness, on the other hand, some places have made fatal errors. Nonsense not to say, take a look at my QQ trumpet. The QQ number is my specialty used to make color flow QQ space, and then converted into revenue one of the tools.

the following picture is I do a QQ space marketing QQ trumpet. This number has been added to the 6000-8000 one-way friends,. As you can see, this number has been frozen for a week, until today, there are still 17 visitors a day. The frozen account even if it can not do anything, the activity is still much higher than the general QQ space.

at this time before the freezing of the space log, a minimum amount of access to hundreds of.

however, this cost me a month of QQ drainage results trumpet, but in an instant ashes to ashes. Of course, I am very depressed, at the same time, I also carefully reflect on it, QQ account was frozen, and I have a great relationship.

I made at least the following error

1, using 8 bit QQ to do the cornet color flow QQ space. This error is unforgivable, 8 cornets if the sale is at least hundreds of yuan, and the bulk of the 11 or 8 QQ number. I have a lot of a QQ s, had had chosen to use 8 bit cornet, is a big mistake. Do color flow of friends, please do with cornet, even if it is not permanently frozen quality loss account

2, QQ automatic reply set too obviously. This is the most fatal mistake I made QQ space marketing. At that time my idea is this, through other ways to attract color flow, into a one-way QQ friends. QQ is set to busy flirting when these wolf friends give me time to send information to automatically reply to trumpet, set a good line and lure. This idea is no problem, the key is, this set of lines is too explicit. Nor the QQ space. And because it was too arbitrary, I forgot that I had set up an automatic reply. So many times, my QQ was prompted to limit the login because of bad information. I have no idea, because at that time I did not send any bad information. Later, after the investigation, it was because the automatic reply.


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